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You can use your Salesforce instance with predefined initial functionality, but also you can extend its features what ever you want

Salesforce is our favorite CRM and ERP system and it’s really huge. It can fulfill almost all company management challenges and organize its business processes. Using Salesforce you can build such business processes for your company or business:

  • Sales business process, including funnel, leads management, client 5-touches, etc.;
  • Marketing business process;
  • Financial business processes;
  • HRM;
  • KPI;
  • Supply business process;
  • Development or manufacturing;
  • Office management;
  • Customers support;
  • Tasks management;
  • Other business processes management.

We have mentioned all these Salesforce possibilities, because we want to divide our services to such branches:

  • Business analysis and business process architecture for Salesforce CRM;
  • Salesforce CRM development and improvements;
  • Salesforce CRM management and support, like data entry, data migration, etc.;
  • Salesforce developer hourly consultancy services.

Of course, we also can divide each of these branches to subbranches. But our mission ─​ fulfill all necessary Salesforce services for your company and your business.

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