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You can use your Salesforce instance with predefined initial functionality, but also you can extend its features what ever you want

The usage of tools that Salesforce offers has a lot of benefits. However, they all are standard which may not be sufficient for your needs. As a result, you may feel that this platform prevents your business from growing and expanding. But it’s not the reason for blaming Salesforce, it’s a reason to think about turning to such a specialist as a Salesforce developer.

What does a Salesforce developer do?

As you understand, a Salesforce Developer works with the Salesforce platform. And the range of the duties and tasks of such a specialist is rather wide. It can include (but it is not limited to) the following functions:

  • Customization of the Salesforce account according to the needs of each customer (introduction of updates and upgrades, adding and removing of various features, creation of new functionality);
  • Development of Salesforce apps for internal company’s needs and for AppExchange;
  • identification of bugs and bug fixing;
  • Work with Salesforce APIs, controlling their adaptability and their integration;

Those businesses that are interested in getting as many advantages of using the Salesforce platform as possible should definitely consider the option of finding Salesforce developers to work with. Some companies try to upgrade their Salesforce accounts on their own, but in such cases, the results quite often do not meet the expectations. One thing is obvious: it’s always better to work with professionals.

What benefits Salesforce customization may bring you?

If you still think that Salesforce customization is just an unnecessary item of expenditure, let us explain to you what you may get if you take a decision to extend Salesforce capabilities.

  • Growth of your revenue. Have you heard that when you use Salesforce, your deals win rate can increase to 24%? With professional customization, these figures will be even higher. Well organized communication with customers, streamlined workflow and enhanced CRM-related procedures – all these factors have a positive impact on your revenue.
  • Growth of your productivity. Customized solutions will help you to build all your processes even more convenient for you in accordance with your business needs. So, better results are guaranteed!
  • Growth of customer satisfaction. The more efficient and well-planned your work is, the happier your clients are.
  • Excellent return on investment. It is not a secret that the usage of CRM has excellent ROI (Why? Just look at the points mentioned above.) But with successful customization, these returns will get even higher.

Don’t you think that these benefits are really worth hiring a specialist to improve your Salesforce account?

But there is another question: which model of working with Salesforce developers to choose?

Salesforce development: outsourced or in-house?

If you already have an IT department (and you are fully satisfied with it), for you, it may not be a problem to hire a Salesforce developer (or two).

However, if software development is not your core business and if you do not have a huge corporation that constantly needs to build some new software solutions or to enhance the existing ones, hiring a Salesforce developer may not be the best idea. In such a case we recommend you to consider a variant of outsourcing these services.

Why to outsource Salesforce development services?

  • Reduced costs. It is a widely known fact that it is much more feasible to work with an outsourced team than to have in-house developers, especially when you do not have regular tasks for them. With external specialists everything is much easier: you pay them for their work done, but not for sitting in the office.
  • Highly-focused cooperation. When you work with external developers, your interaction is focused only on Salesforce development services but not on dozens of administrative procedures like hiring and signing contracts.
  • Faster results. As a rule, outsourced teams are able to fulfill tasks much faster than in-house developers usually do it.

Do you want to enjoy all these advantages at once? Just find a reliable team that will act as your Salesforce development company and enjoy this cooperation! At Softacom, we are always happy to welcome new clients and to help them even with the most complicated tasks. Need to get more details? Do not hesitate to contact us.

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