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You can use your Salesforce instance with predefined initial functionality, but also you can extend its features what ever you want

Need professional recommendations on how to extend Salesforce account or how to solve any problems related to this platform? Don’t worry. A Salesforce consultant can easily help you with these issues.

What is a Salesforce consultant?

n general, the role of a consultant who works with Salesforce is very similar to the role of any consultant who works in the IT industry.

Such a person must be aware of all the Salesforce features, including the most advanced ones, and understand how they can be implemented and used within an organization. They do not need to know every minor peculiarity regarding the technical aspect of any solution (let’s leave it for other specialists). However, they must understand what kind of solutions may be used to achieve this or that goal or to address this or that business problem.

Apart from the capacities of the Salesforce platform, such specialists must know the current business trends as they will work directly with clients and the solutions that they will provide should be really applicable and absolutely feasible.

What does a Salesforce consultant do?

As you can see, a consultant guides the process of Salesforce development. Based on the customer’s needs and requirements, such a specialist offers improvements to the already existing features. But he or she may also offer new solutions that can be used to address some issues that prevent a business from growing and expanding.

A Salesforce consultant needs to fulfill a number of various tasks. The list of these tasks includes (but is not limited to):

  • Gathering of customer’s requirements, analysis of business specifics, identification of weak points and setting business objectives;
  • Planning and supervising of the process of implementation of various Salesforce features;
  • Offering a user adoption strategy.

Salesforce consultant vs Salesforce developer

Salesforce developers and consultants work in a team. But the only things that unite these positions are deep understanding and profound knowledge of the specificity and capacities of Salesforce tools. As a rule, these specialists can’t perform the tasks of each other.

Consultants need to gather client’s needs and to understand what Salesforce-powered solutions can be offered. Developers do not work with clients; they are responsible for the technical part of the solutions. They work directly on the functionality. Based on the requirements provided by Salesforce consultants, they build solutions that are to be implemented in order to satisfy client’s demands.

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